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5 months ago

Hilarious moment a man superglues a dummy to his mouth for a dare - leaving it stuck to his lips for THREE hours

This is the moment a man superglued a dummy to his mouth for a dare - leaving it stuck to his lips for THREE hours.

Josh Dawson, 26, was on Skype to his friends when boredom took over and they decided to start playing dares.

So, to provide some entertainment for himself and his peers, Josh voluntarily superglued a dummy to his lips.

The joker thought after five minutes with the dummy stuck to his mouth he'd be able to easily peel it off - but unfortunately for him this wasn't the case.

In the video, Josh can be seen gluing the dummy to his lips before gently trying to remove it a few minutes later.

It took Josh three hours of prying the dummy away from his mouth before it eventually came off - covered in facial hair and layers of skin.

Josh, from central Texas, said: "It was really stupid of us but we were just bored.

"When I have had superglue on my hands before, it has come off easy, so I thought this would be the case if it was on my mouth too.

"An hour went by and it still hadn't come off, that's when I was worried I was going to have to go to the hospital - I really didn't want to go looking like that.

"When I finally removed it, it was covered in hair and chunks of my skin but I was just relieved that it was off.

"I've never done anything like that before and I certainly won't be doing anything like it again."

The video was filmed on December 12.
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