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4 months ago

में गुनेहगार हूँ - हिंदी फिल्म , I Am Guilty |Curated Award Winning Short Films 2021 | Hindi

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में गुनेहगार हूँ , रिश्तों में दरार एक छोटीसी गलती से आ जाती है यह गलती सिर्फ कुछ पल की होती है लेकिन इसका मुवाबजा उम्र भर देना पद जाट है , इस फिल्म को ज़रूर देखिये और शेयर करें अपने दोस्तों के सात। ओंक्लिक म्यूजिक चैनल सब्सक्राइब करें ,ऐसी खूबसूरत और बेहतेरीन फिल्मों के लिए।

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Short Film - I Am Guilty
Star Cast - Sumit Trivedi, Saarvi Omana, Navin Kumar, Queeni Thakar
Director - Navin Kumar
Production House - Forecasting Media & Adventure Inc
Digital Partner - Movietone Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Co Partner - Asha Events

Story Synopsis - "It’s a film of four character . A happy married family Dhwani (Sarvi Oman), Aakash (Sumil
Trivedi) and two years child Mst.Aarav shifted to a new city, as a corporate transfer, Aakash
grabs all opportunities to grow as faster as he can in his job with unwillingly less attentions
to his family’s social life, due to which Dhwani foolishly fall for an insurance agent named
Varun Mehta (Navinkumar) who is already committed to his girlfriend Dhara (Queeni
Thakar) . At a time affair reviles amongst all and leads to lamentation for all four lives.
Dhara breaks up with Varun, and uncontrolled Aakash ends his own life .
The subject contains a hidden but biggest social threat, leaves behind a deep message to
current generation which cant not be expressed into words ."

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