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5 months ago

संमोहन - Sammohan Life Is Uncertain | Curated Award Winning Best Short Films 2021

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#Sammohan #Thriller #Suspense

संमोहन जीवन ढुलमुल है। किसी भी वक़्त कुछ भी हो सकता है। अनजान आदमी भी रास्ता दिखा देता है। संमोहन करने की तांत्रिक विद्या सदियों पुराणी है। कैसे एक सेल्स मैन एक लेख़क को संमोहित कर देता है ,ज़रूर देखिये। कभी आप ऐसे शिकार मत बनिए।

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Check out a very interesting curated film which depicts an ancient tantrik art of seducing any person .

Short Film - Sammohan Life is Uncertain
Star Cast - Raj Soni, Pruthviraj Vanera
Director - Parth Patel
Production House - Licaso Films
Digital Partner - Movietone Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Co Partner - Mom's Entertainment
Genre - Thriller

Story Synopsis - A young writer is in deep thought to find his next story but he is unable to find one , suddenly the door bell rings and a sales man enters the home with his sweet talk . Slowly steadily the sales man talks about his need for a story , how did he come to know about the writers need ? Is he a ghost or a sales man ?

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