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5 months ago

बेहद सुलझी हुई फिल्म - The Return Gift | Silent Film | Curated Best Short Film 2021 | Award Winning

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बेहद सुलझी हुई फिल्म "द रीटर्न गिफ़्ट " , अनेक पुरस्कार से सम्मानित फिल्म , एक बच्ची की नज़र से दुनिया की सोच को बदलने वाली फिल्म है।

We Feel Creations has a speciality of making remarkable award winning Silent Short films which depict the most sensitive matters related to kids , The Return Gift is one such film . A film which has been awarded numerous times at multiple film festivals . Do check out this sensitive & sensible film by We Care Films.

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Short Film - The Return Gift
Star Cast - Hrishita, Susmita Pradhan, Saikat Majila,Arna Das
Production House - We Feel Creations
Director - Parag Biswas , Dipika Biswas
Digital Partner - Movietone Digital Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Co Partner - Indraneel Films
Story Synopsis - A little girl - Golu - wants an internet connection for her computer as her birthday gift from her father. Her father gifts her a book instead, but she doesn't like reading books. On her way back from school the next day, she finds a 200-rupee note on the road. On returning home, she hides the note inside the same book, which her father had gifted her the previous evening. What happens next surprises all...!!!

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