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Audi A3 Sportback 45 TFSIe Driving Video

Audi's first goal with its PHEV models is to offer a driving experience that inspires confidence. Its propulsion concept provides high efficiency and high energy recovery power. As a result, a large part of the daily commutes can be covered only with electricity and zero local emissions. At low speeds, the Acoustic Vehicle Alert System generates the e-sound prescribed by the regulations.

In “Auto Hybrid” mode, the main operating configuration, the TFSI motor and the electric motor divide the work intelligently and with maximum efficiency. At low speeds it uses only electrical energy; prioritizes the TFSI engine at higher speeds and often combines both. The electric motor provides additional thrust when accelerating or when there is a great need for charging. If the driver steps on the accelerator firmly, the interaction between this engine and the gasoline engine creates a powerful impulse. When accelerating from a low speed, the electric motor intervenes in the tenths of a second that the turbocharger needs to generate pressure. By driving at constant speeds, it can operate at times like an electric generator, shifting the load level of the TFSI to ranges where it is most efficient.
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