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2 months ago

Afghanistan Crisis | The Media Rumble 2021

The Media Rumble session titled ''#Afghanistan Crisis' was moderated by Mitali Mukherjee, writer and financial news journalist. The panel comprised Mariam Wardak, founder, Her Afghanistan; Mathew Hoh, a marine combat veteran and senior fellow with the Center for International Policy; Kabir Taneja, fellow, Strategic Studies Programme, Observer Research Foundation; and Dr Bahar Jalali, an Afghan-American academic.

The discussion covered people's perceptions of #Taliban 2.0, collective international responsibility, and the #US's hasty withdrawal from the region.

On women's rights in Afghanistan, Bahar denounced the depiction of women as victims, highlighting the important space they occupy in society. She also pointed out that women had organised to resist the Taliban.


0:00-1:21 Introduction
1:22-7:03 Current situation in Afghanistan
7:04-13:02 Taliban 2.0 & accountability of other countries
13:03-16:22 Economic Crisis in Afghanistan
16:23-19:35 Effects of diplomacy on economic aid
19:36-23:27 Steps which can be taken to support women to get tangible outcome
23:28-27:19 Structuring humanitarian aid to help women
27:20-35:15 Has America learnt its lesson?
35:16-39:14 ‘Intoxicating effect’ on terror groups
39:15-44:10 Future of Afghanistan in the next few months
44:11-47:04 India's hesitancy in the Taliban takeover
47:05-50:32 Global implications & Fear of USA's re-intervention
50:33-51:01 Conclusion

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