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2 months ago

Yeh Jo India Hai Na | Here Kangana Has Not Been Awarded Padma Shri For Hate

The Quint
The Quint
Yeh Jo India Hai Na… it has NOT rewarded Kangana Ranaut for hate. Her Padma Shri is NOT for the hate that got her banned from Twitter – when she asked PM Modi to use violence in the Bengal elections.

Her Padma Shri is NOT for her hate against an ad that showed an interfaith marriage, saying it promoted 'love jihad'.

Kangana's Padma Shri is NOT for her hate against farmer protestors, whom she called ‘terrorists’ and ‘Khalistanis’. Or for accusing Bollywood stars of having a ‘jihadi agenda’ when they speak up for minority rights.

Kangana Ranaut says that her Padma Shri will ‘shut the mouths of people’, but Yeh Jo India Hai Na.. it will never stop calling out those who spread hate, says Rohit Khanna

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