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6 months ago

COP26 Anti-Shell Greenwashing Exhibition ‘The Hell Bus’ Comes to Glasgow for COP26

The Scotsman
The Scotsman

Anti-Shell Greenwashing Exhibition ‘The Hell Bus’ Comes to Glasgow for COP26

Artist Darren Cullen, whose work was featured at Banksy’s Dismaland, has brought a satirical anti-Shell exhibition installed inside an old school bus to Glasgow for COP26 in order to draw attention to the hollow promises of oil company claims to be working towards ‘Net Zero’. The bus, which recently featured on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Joe Lycett Vs the Oil Giant’, will be free to visit at two locations around the city during COP26.

Installed in a single decker bus and laid out like a cross between a museum and a marketing stand, the ‘Hell Greenwashing Roadshow’ satirises the absurdity of flimsy oil company greenwashing in a time of climate breakdown. Featuring dioramas, illustrations and short animations.

Darren Cullen said “The exhibition attempts to draw out the absurdity of oil company claims that they’re part of the solution to global warming while they extract and burn increasing amounts of fossil fuels. From running whaling ships on biofuel, to creating polystyrene icebergs to replace those lost to global warming, the show is a fun but brutal take on fossil fuel propaganda and its consequences.”

Cullen, a 38 year old London-based artist from Leeds, is best known for Pocket Money Loans, a payday loan shop for kids which featured at Banksy’s Dismaland. He also runs the Museum of Neoliberalism in London.

The bus will be open to the public for free on the following dates and locations

1st-6th November - The GalGael Trust, Govan.
Opening hours: 11am-6pm
Address: 13 Fairley Street, Glasgow G51 2SN

8th-13th November - Glasgow School of Art - Stow Building car park
Opening hours - Weekdays 10am-7pm / Saturday 10am - 5pm
Address: 43 Shamrock Street, Glasgow G4 9LD

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