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9 months ago

'Promising circus students perform the 'Human Foot Juggling' act *OUTRIGHT PHENOMENAL* '

'Mind-blowing footage has surfaced from Kaluga, Russia, which shows a couple of acrobats practicing an impressive circus act.

Taken by Olesya Trunova, this video features a performer flipping her partner through the air at an incredible speed using only her feet.

"I am the coach at the circus school, 'Arena,'" the filmer commented. "This video was recorded during one of our training sessions. It features two of my students, Evgenia Truskova (17) & Anatasia Pavlova (9)."

If the performance on display is any indication, it's safe to say that sky is the limit for both of these aspiring acrobats.

Name: OLESYA Trunova
Location: Russia, Kaluga'

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