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3 months ago

How every single Pixar movie advanced computer animation, part 1: From 'Toy Story' to 'Cars 2'

Every Pixar movie has introduced its own technical problems, from creating the first fully computer-animated feature film with "Toy Story" to developing a stronger virtual camera for "WALL-E." In this episode of "Movies Insider," we take a look at how the unique worlds, characters, and practical challenges brought up by each Pixar movie pushed the studio to expand animation technology. We break down the progress the studio has made over the years in different areas of computer technology, including shading, ray tracing, subdivision surfaces, subsurface scattering, translucency effects, cloth and fur simulation, and muscle movement on human characters. Here's how Pixar improved CG animation with every one of its films from 1995's "Toy Story" to 2011's "Cars 2."
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