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3 months ago

We Modernised A 1950s Ford F100 | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Ridiculous Rides
Ridiculous Rides
BROTHERS Mike and Jim Ring from Spring Green, Wisconsin, are two custom car building legends known as 'The Ringbrothers'. One of their finest builds is a 1956 Ford F100 truck which took an impressive 3,000 hours to build spread over seven months, costing $85,000 in parts alone. Powering the truck is a 415-horsepower 5.0-liter Ford Coyote crate motor which is a really good fit for the 50s pickup. With a 1956 cab, but a 1954 grill, the truck is actually a mixture of the two, however the brothers explain: “Most people will recognize it as a ‘56 just because of the cab.” Whilst this vehicle has the looks of a 50s masterpiece, The Ringbrothers are known for blending old-school looks with modern technology. The 1956 Ford F100 is not short of up to date tech either - it has power brakes, electronic transmission, fuel injection, air conditioning and even a bluetooth stereo system. “There’s a lot of modern amenities that you would probably never pick up on by just walking by it,” Jim adds. The car’s interior also sports a classic 50s look, not giving away any of the modern conveniences the brothers have added. Mike says: "It’s the little things in the interior, like for instance, the headliner looks like an old zoot suit material.” The multi-award-winning car customizers state that the pickup truck is the most American vehicle around, and say they are excited to see what people are doing with these trucks.