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How to be a pro player and win with this Tips & Tricks? PUBG Mobile

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Tips for PUB G Mobile squad play

1- Remember your team mates are probably idiots: Let's face facts, lots of team games are random pairings and you will likely find yourself with idiots. Often a team leader will dive into the largest towns (because there are more buildings, therefore more weapons) and find yourself dead within the first 3 minutes. Or, they'll drive you into a town with the identical result - premature death. Consider where you're heading and if you do not like where the team is heading (to its doom) then do your own thing.

2- Turn on/off team voice chat: don't need to concentrate to your team mates coughing and sniffing? Want to limit their abuse once you do something they do not agree with? there is a speaker symbol next to the mini map - this can silence your team and prevent the bother. Conversely, if you're wiggling with friends, this can be where you'll be able to turn voice chat back on and truly work together.
3- Coordinate your landing zone: once you 'chute into onto the island you'll be able to coordinate your LZ by opening the map and tapping to drop a marker. Use the parachuting tips above to induce everyone within the same place. Otherwise you'll spend half the sport trying to rendezvous (but remember the "idiots" caveat above). still drop markers to assist people head within the same direction during the sport.
4- Use follow me to co-ordinate your landing: An update added a "follow" feature which solves the matter above, letting a squad member act as jump leader and guide everyone else down. This gets you all into the identical LZ easily. However, if the person you're following doesn't know what they're doing, you'll "unfollow" once you've descending and choose your own landing point. you'll also use follow on the bottom.
5- Locate your team members: If you are not together, you will find your squad locations marked on the map and in your UI, making it easy to search out your way back to them.
6- Stick together but spread out: Bunching up causes you to easy to kill, spreading out means any enemy should make a choice. It also means you'll use interlocking fields of fireplace to have interaction any enemy. Don't, as an example, bunch around a dropped crate as you will be taken out with a burst from a machine gun. Fighting as a team is that the best thanks to win.
7- Isolate the threat before you revive: you'll be able to revive your team members when they're injured - it's perhaps the largest a part of being a squad - but don't rush over as soon as they drop as you'll likely get shot. Watch your partner's health meter within the top left corner, while you eliminate the threat. If you die trying to revive your team, you all lose. If you have been shot, crawl into cover so your teammate isn't exposed.
8- Don't expose your teammate by crawling straight to them: you'll see your teammates, but the enemy may not be ready to. If you immediately crawl to them when you're shot to be revived, the enemy will know where your al

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