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3 months ago

The Conjoined Twins Who Don't Want To Separate | BORN DIFFERENT

PAN and Pin are conjoined twins from Thailand – the two girls are joined from their hips down, meaning they share one pair of legs. Separating Pan and Pin is a possibility, but an incredibly risky operation with a 50/50 chance of survival. Their grandmother Noknoi has brought them up since birth, due to their parents being unable to take care of them full time. Noknoi told Truly: "It was challenging at the beginning, because I've only ever raised a one-headed child." Pan and Pin are now thriving, however, as they've learnt to walk and can even cycle independently. "We have to cooperate, there are some times when our legs can't support our weight well, we fall a lot," Pan and Pin said. Since they share a stomach, the twins also have to eat separately to avoid digestion problems. Despite the difficulties, the twins say they love being conjoined because it means they are never lonely and always have each other's support. "It's great that we're born together as siblings, we always have someone to play with," the girls added. They now aim to study hard in order to get successful jobs later in life.