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'Spooky Halloween 'Kid Eater' monster will keep you awake at night!'

'If this spooky video doesn't get you in the Halloween spirit, nothing else will!

Filmed in Lake Station, Indiana, this comically terrifying clip features the "Kid Eater," a monster encouraging kids to get candies from them.

The Kid Eater's mask has LED eyes. Moreover, it has a cage strapped to its back, which has a doll trapped inside. No better way to amp up the creepiness, now is there?

The filmer, Steven King wrote: "What can I say other than the fact that I just love Halloween! I saw this 'monster,' thought it was awesome, so I had to get it [on camera]!"

This footage was recorded on October 16, 2021.

Name: Steven King
Location: Lake Station, USA'
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