Lowe's Employees Break Policy Going Through Customers Backpack

  • 3 years ago
Occurred on October 21, 2021 / Wooster, Ohio, USA

: I had walked into the store with my backpack and the alarm went off. I know workers heard it but they didn't really do anything. I waited for a moment, shrugged, and continued shopping. While I was at checkout 2 the clerks were near me. I'm not sure but I think they saw me complete my transaction for a trimmer wire. I told them before I checked out... 'Hey look, my backpack set off the beeper when I walked in.' When I tried to walk out they asked me to come back. They asked if I could open my bag. I was trying to cooperate and I just didn't want trouble. After a while, though it got a little excessive. It shouldn't take that long. They were running back and forth being weird...so I turned my camera on. Turns out this is actually against Lowes policy according to many of the comments I have gotten.