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28 days ago

Tejasvi Surya, Diwali is Happy, a Jashn, a Riwaaj, Whether You Like it or Not

The Quint
The Quint
Dear Tejasvi Surya, mixing and mingling of cultures is the essence of India! Nothing is 100% pure here – not ghee, not culture, not language! The modern world stands on the shoulders of multiple civilizations.

In this episode of Yeh Jo India Hai Na, The Quint's Rohit Khanna says Tejasvi must know that many Kannada and Hindi words have Persian and Arabic origins, but such facts don't fit his ‘hate and divide’ politics.

For hate mongers it helps to label Urdu as the language of Muslims, Biryani as the food of Muslims. It allows them to say, Muslims are different. It's easier to spread hate about someone who is different.

Yeh Jo India Hai Na, here hate and polarisation is rewarded. While India celebrates Deepawali, these haters celebrate ‘Dvesh’awali. We need to decide whether we want dvesh(hate) or love, says Rohit Khanna
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