How to Love Yourself | Tips for practicing Self Love

  • 3 years ago
When you love yourself it helps you to improve every aspect of your life. Practicing self-love includes self-acceptance, forgiving yourself, and being your own best friend.

In this video, I share some tips and ideas that can help you to increase your self-love.

For me, practicing self-love was a huge step in my inner transformation and then in changing my life as well.

Self-love starts with self-acceptance. This is because accepting yourself helps you feel that you are already good enough and not to waste your energy on blaming yourself, feeling guilty, or being angry with yourself. My life is a good example of this because many life-changing shifts happened with me right after being able to accept something about myself that I didn’t like and was fighting with before.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 How to accept yourself
02:02 Get rid of expectations
02:59 Forgive yourself
03:30 Become your own best friend | One powerful question
05:30 How self-love can improve your relationships with others
06:29 Practicing self-love is an everyday choice

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