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Meri Behan Meri Dewrani, Episode 75 Official HD Video, Drama World

Story Line : This is the story of two families, Punjabi-speaking Chaudhry's and Urdu-speaking Ansaris, who are about to become related. Because of the two fathers being lifelong friends, one son and daughter of each family are getting married to their counterparts in the other family, following the old traditional practice of Watta Satta. Already one can see the premise being set up for problems that arise out of differences in cultural practices. Also, I’m sure we’ll see problems related to the Watta Satta. And, given the fact that there are plenty of other unmarried eligibles on both sides.

Starring : Qavi Khan, Noman Masood, Seemi Pasha, Badar Khalil, Beenish Chohan, Sherry Shah, Sumbul Shahid

Written by Muhammad Asif
Directed by Aamir Khattak

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