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E-mail Marketing Analytics; How to Analyze Your E-mail Campaign? - Dopinger

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In this video, We will talk about e-mail marketing analytics. How to analyze your e-mail marketing? So, here we go!

Sending an email is a way that allows people to communicate with each other electronically, and various files and attachments (such as photos, videos). It is a method that can be used with cheap, fast, and mobile devices. Therefore, the use of email is frequently at the forefront of corporate life. Have you ever thought about it? How many emails do you send per day, or how many times do you check your email address? According to Google, 91 out of 100 people with email accounts check their email address at least once a day. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a marketing channel that has such a high usage effectively. So what is this concept that we call e-mail marketing?

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