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Whistleblower Shows How China Is Torturing Uyghurs

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
XINJIANG PROVINCE, CHINA — A former Chinese police detective has fled to Europe, where he told reporters he struggles to sleep at night because of his role in the horrific torturing of millions of Uyghur minorities in China. Here are the details:

CNN reports that a Chinese police detective turned whistleblower has given shocking details about how Chinese guards torture Uyghur Muslims in prison camps in China.

Speaking from exile in Europe, the former detective said police officers armed with rifles would go to Uyghur communities in China’s Xinjiang region and pull people from their homes.

The people would be handcuffed, hooded and told they’d be shot if they resisted.

Men, women and children as young as 14 would then be taken to interrogation centers where they would all be kicked and beaten until they were bruised and swollen, kneeling on the floor and crying.

The former detective, called Jiang, told CNN some guards would use iron bars to hit the detainees, while others used chains with locks.

He added that some guards saw it as work, while others were just “psychopaths.” He said prisoners would be shackled to special chairs to immobilize them.

Detainees would also be hanged from ceilings, gang raped, electrocuted and subjected to waterboarding until they confessed to crimes of supporting terrorism.

Jiang said even before his time in Xinjiang, he had become “disappointed” with the Chinese Communist Party due to increasing levels of corruption. “They were pretending to serve the people, but they were a bunch of people who wanted to achieve a dictatorship,” he said.

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