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  • 3 years ago
Today, we are going to make a unique sesame seed cookies recipe that is healthy and also very delicious. In this recipe, have used both wheat and white flour along with oats. To balance the sugar, we have used brown sugar along with castor sugar. To add to these health benefits, I have also added melon, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds along with flax and chia seeds.

This crunchy sesame cookies recipe is very easy and quick to make. You can enjoy these sesame cookies for tea or anytime during the day. Perfect for kids and strong on nutrition. These Til cookies are best for winters as sesame seeds have natural warm properties due to the huge fat content. There is no match to homemade sesame cookies recipe to the ones we buy in the market. Please do try these eggless sesame cookies healthy recipes and let us know your views in the comments section below.

Oats (ओट्स) - 50 grams
Wheat Flour (गेहूं का आटा) - 60 grams
White Flour (मैदा) - 100 grams
Baking Powder (बेकिंग पाउडर) - ¼ tsp
Butter (मक्खन) - 110 grams
Caster Sugar (कॉस्टर शुगर) - 50 grams
Brown Sugar (ब्राउन शुगर) - 120 grams
Milk (दूध) - 50 ml or ¼ cup
Vanilla essence (वेनिला एसेंस) - 1 tsp
Melon, Pumpkin, Sunflower seeds (खरबूजा, कद्दू, सूरजमुखी सीड्स) - 40 grams
Sesame seeds (तिल) - 50 grams
Chia & Flax seeds powder (चिआ & फ्लक्स सीड्स पाउडर) - 3 tbsp