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4 days winter bushcraft in snow, higher winds and rain -canvas poncho shelter - Vintage Wild Camping

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4 Days Winter Bushcraft in Snow, High Winds and Rain - Canvas Poncho Shelter - Vintage Wild Camping

Typical weather with snow to changing weather with rain and high winds. White one day and spring the next and back to freezing weather again. But I love this type of changing weather in nature.

His passion for making different kind of saws in the woods. After the third day upgrade I did with the coils etc I reached a roads end. Can't make a better saw than that. It was an absolute delight to work with. He will probably put his hand on it making a nice finish etc and use it for a while more.

He get a lot of questions how he can eat meat after several days out in the woods. Often it's fridge cold and under outside with a freeze in the nights so no problem. When its warmer you just bring it frozen. If its under 10 C outside it takes at least a day for it to thaw and then you can wait one more day before you cook it. He have done this for 15 years and never got sick.

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