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All-New Nissan Qashqai Dynamic Exterior Design

Underpinning the all-new Nissan Qashqai is the new Alliance CMF-C platform, which has allowed Nissan’s product-planners, designers and engineers to create a vehicle which succeeds in reconciling the challenging customer demands in terms of design, spaciousness, dynamics and carbon footprint.

The CMF-C platform is a completely new architecture, designed and developed to ensure the vehicles it carries are competitive, offering the driving and ownership experience that customers will need in a time of dramatic progress in the automotive industry.

In terms of driving dynamics, one of the most significant factors in the dynamic performance is the overall increase of stiffness in the new Qashqai’s body in white – with a 48% improvement compared to the outgoing model. With a more rigid basis, Nissan’s engineers have been able to more precisely tune the suspension spring and damper rates, knowing they are reacting to the changes in surfaces – not the movements of the platform. This increases precision, response and reduces vibrations.

Despites its overall increase in stiffness, the bodyshell is over 60kg lighter which contributes to the new Qashqai’s overall efficiency, while also reducing inertia when driving, so drivers will feel the improvement in agility.

There are two rear suspension configurations, with a torsion beam being the configuration for two-wheel drive Qashqai on 19-inch wheels or below. The torsion beam has been upgraded from the outgoing Qashqai, with a new upper body insulator which increases local body stiffness and reduces the transmission of vibrations to the passenger compartment. And the addition of an uprated bump stop, which helps to infuse the rear suspension with a more supple motion and protection from shocks.

To maximise the effectiveness of the dampers, their orientation has been changed to a more vertical position which reduces friction and therefore optimises their performance, ensuring better bump absorption and a smoother ride, as well as providing better roll control.