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2 months ago

The Doomed Dog Brutal Doom 64 Review

The Doomed Dog
Hey everyone. It was a couple weeks ago now that Dalton and I finished our playthrough of Brutal Doom 64, a mod for the Doom 64 total conversion mod for Doom 2. It is a mod for a mod. As is always the case with my Let's Plays,. I pieced together a video review of the game using footage from the playthrough of the game. Given that this is a review of a mod, I thought it would be important to discuss the original game. In a sense, this is a review of both Doom 64 and Brutal Doom 64, and it includes gameplay of both.

I know I just recently sprang a massive comparison of Final Fantasy VII to its remake just a couple of days ago, and it may seem sudden to get another review out. I actually the script written for this, and I had recorded the audio for it before I started video editing on that review. I, also, did a second episode of our movie review show over on Bitchute. The link is below. Thank you all for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video.

The song at the end is Death Is Not the End by Amputation.

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