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9 months ago

Best of Gamescom 2021 – Indie Arena Booth – EVERSPACE 2 – Planetary Combat Gameplay Trailer 4K 60 FPS Trailer - Developer Plan of Attack – Publisher ROCKFISH Games – E3 – GDC – PAX - Tokyo Game Show – Brazil Game Show

EVERSPACE 2 continues the story of Adam Roslin from the first part of the series. Starting with two sprawling star systems that can be freely explored by space pilots, players experience Adam's emotional journey and personal development from an immortal clone space pilot to an individual character whose death has final consequences in an open-world action RPG. EVERSPACE 2 offers in the current Early Access version more than 25 hours of gameplay and already contains all core mechanics of the targeted final version.

The full version for PC, including Mac and native Linux support, will be released at a reasonably increased price in late 2022 and come with UI and text language support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The new EVERSPACE 2 demo is content-gated, offering access to the first five main missions, two side missions and many random encounters, so players will have as much time as they’d like to explore every asteroid field and outlaw base in the first sector of the Ceto system. Save games will carry over from the demo to the Early Access version, so EVERSPACE 2 first-time pilots who want to continue the adventure can easily do so without losing game progress. However, the demo’s player level is capped to level five to ensure a compelling experience when transitioning to the full game, while, after finishing the available missions, demo pilots can grind for resources and in-game currency as long as they please to get a headstart after pulling the trigger on the full game.

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