''Set the controls for the heart of the Sun!' Giant circular skyrocket takes flight during Thai Rocket Festival '

  • 3 years ago
'Stunning footage taken during a Thai Rocket Festival shows a giant circular rocket taking flight.

The gadget attains great height before starting its descent, regulated by a parachute.

"The Rocket Festival is a ceremony traditionally practiced in various parts of Thailand," the filmer, Allan McAlpine told us. "The ceremony, held between April - June (depending on the area), typically includes music and competitive processions of floats, dancers, and musicians."

"The Festival is widely known for staging special programs dedicated to Parade dance and Beautiful Bung Fai float."

"While the rockets are generally referred to as 'Jaruat,' the massive black-powder bottle rockets are called Bang Fai skyrockets."

Name: Allan McAlpine
Location: Kutwa, Issan NE, Thailand'
WooGlobe Ref : WGA804293
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