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25 days ago

Fascinating Fall Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Wibbitz Top Stories
Wibbitz Top Stories
Fascinating Fall Facts You
Probably Didn’t Know.
With the first official day of fall upon us,
the season of pumpkins, flannel and colorful
leaves has finally arrived.
In honor of its arrival, here are
seven facts about fall that
you may not have known. .
1. , The official flavor of fall, pumpkin spice, doesn’t
actually contain any pumpkin. Instead, it’s a mix of
all the spices usually used to make pumpkin pie.
2. , A 2011 study found that people born in the fall
have a greater chance of reaching 100 years old.
3. , A common superstition is that every falling leaf
you catch before it hits the ground is the equivalent
of one month of good fortune and happiness.
4. , According to a 1998 study, squirrels
never find up to 74 percent of the nuts
they store throughout the fall. .
5. , Ancient Greeks believed that fall was the
result of Demeter, the goddess of harvest, throwing
a tantrum because her daughter, Persephone,
had returned to the underworld. .
6. , Fall is when the most people update
their relationship status on social media
to “engaged” or “in a relationship.”.
7. , A study found that people born in the fall are
30 to 90 percent more likely to have food allergies
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