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Top Comic Movie Of All Time According To Audience

Curious Cat
Top Comic Movie Of All Time According To Audience


Comic films are the best in terms of humor. Here you will find a ranking of comedy films, with French popular comedy, American comedy production with action, police comedy, parody, satirical films, black humor, greeted by the public, released in the cinema, or directly on DVD/Vod/Streaming. This ranking includes the good comedy movies any period combined. You will necessarily find a top comic film to see among the best achievements.

The Hangover
THEY CAME, THEY DRANK, THEY DON'T REMEMBER ANYMORE... - Whoever brought Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson together in Starsky and Hutch here signs a crazy comedy about a bunch of friends waking up in Las Vegas without any memory of their evening... Only problem: one is missing! This comedy reserves us burlesque gags and hilarious adventures, animated by accomplice and delirious actors.

Shaun Of The Dead
A ROMANTIC COMEDY... WITH ZOMBIES! - Scott Pilgrim's director brings together two comics in this crazy zombie comedy. Zombies invade London and then follow funny and burlesque adventures in this deadly comedy, full of references to zombie films but also horror in general.

The Mask
Stanley Ipkiss is a lambda employee of a bank, passionate about the universe of Tex Avery. One day he discovers a mysterious mask, which, when wearing it, turns it into a being sure of himself, seductive and big mouth. Quickly, Stanley must make a choice: remain the shy and reserved employee that he is or become a green creature out of control... The Mask, a hilarious fantasy comedy, action-packed and winks to the cartoons of our childhood, is carried by the inimitable talent of Jim Carey and by the sulphurous Cameron Diaz.

Welcome to Les Ch'tis
DISCOVER THE CONVIVIALITY OF THE NORTH PAS-DE-CALAIS! - Dany Boon staged in Ch'ti and tells the story of Philippe, a post manager transferred to Bergues, in the North. Then followed funny and memorable situations as a friendship settled between Philippe and Antoine, the local postman. The director has fun with the clichés about the North to fight against prejudice. Welcome to the Ch'tis is a huge success at the box office with over 20 million admissions.

WHEN YOUR WORST ENEMY ATTACKS YOUR SWEETHEART, WE BECOME A SUPERHERO. - Marvel and Ryan Reynolds takes us on the delusional, explosive and crazy adventures of the most irreverent and vulgar anti-superhero in the Comics universe, with Deadpool, an action-packed, unhealthy, cynical and funny superhero movie.

THEY ARE DIRTY, THEY ARE RUDE, THEY ARE NOISY. WHO ARE THEY? - After Santa Claus is a garbage, Jean-Marie Poiré tells the journey back in time of Godefroy de Montmirail and Jacquouille, medieval people sent into the future, in the contemporary era. We embarked with them on an adventure filled with crazy and crazy gags, and dotted with aftershocks that became cult.

Asterix And Obelix
CAST 5 STARS FOR THIS ILLARANT ADAPTATION OF ASTERIX AND OBELIX - Directed by the very funny Alain Chabat, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra tells the journey to Egypt, of the two famous irreducible Gauls, Asterix and Obelix, and their druid Panoramix, to help architect Numberbis, who were granted three months, and not a day more, to build a palace and prove to Caesar, the power of the Egyptian people. Free adaptation of the comic book of Uderzo and Goscinny, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra is a crazy, hilarious and intelligent comedy, tinged with anachronisms and twists, carried by a cast of five-star comic actors.

FRIENDSHIP IS BUILT IN DIFFERENCE. - Immense success in France and beyond, this feel-good movie tells the story of Philippe and Driss who become friends despite their differences. The duo Toledano and Nakache, directors of Our Happy Days give us a beautiful life lesson with ravaging humor, drawn from a true story. Untouchables questions with tenderness the clash of crops, with 19 million admissions to France. The role of Driss allowed Omar Sy to win the César for Best Actor, for his performance alongside François Cluzet.

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