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Tips for Safely Camping With Your Kids

Wibbitz Top Stories
Wibbitz Top Stories
Tips for Safely Camping With Your Kids .
Whether you’re seasoned campers or
trying something new, there are some basics
you should always keep in mind. .
Here are 7 of the best tips to keep
your kids safe while having fun camping.
1. Arrive at your campsite well ahead of sunset so you
have plenty of time to set up and get your bearings. .
2. Bring along some toys or games to keep
their attention in case boredom strikes.
3. Test all of your gear before you
go to avoid any mishaps. .
4. Prepare your meals ahead of time to make
the cooking process more fun and less chaotic.
5. Set up a DIY hand-washing station. .
6. Pack glow sticks. They’re fun and useful
for keeping track of each other in the dark.
7. Place cut pool noodles over exposed
wires and ropes to avoid any injuries.