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4 months ago

Is Patel vote bank reason behind changing Gujarat's CM?

Aaj Tak
Aaj Tak
A few months before the elections, BJP changed the face of Gujarat. Bhupendra Patel, who became an MLA for the first time, was given the command of the state. Bhupendra Patel was never a minister nor had any administrative experience. Yet he was given the chief minister's chair because he comes from the Patidar community. In such a situation, the question is why did the BJP change the leadership about 15 months before the elections. Is it not that BJP is feeling that only a Patel leader can cross the party's line in 2022. Actually, Bhupendra Patel comes from the Karva Patidar community, whose voters are constantly turning away from the BJP. About 20-22% of Patidar voters in Gujarat are Karva Patel 60% and Leuva Patel 40%. Watch this video.