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I'm A Trans Woman, My Wife's A Lesbian and Our Son Is Gay | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

Barcroft TV
Barcroft TV
AFTER 15 years of happy marriage as husband and wife, and with two young sons, Jenni and Sarah rolled over to each other in bed one morning, each with an admission to make. Jenni confessed she was "gay" and Sarah that she was "trangender". Jenni knew this conversation was a long time coming after noticing more and more women's clothing occupying Sarah's wardrobe. Jenni told Truly: “We quickly went from a family no-one would look at twice to a family everyone would look at.” Despite the changes, they remain happily married and an example of true love. Jenni says their experience, helped their eldest son, Morgan, 14, to become his 'true authentic self,' and he came out as gay two years later in 2018. Making up the family is youngest son Toby, 12, who is proud of all his family. Sarah recently underwent full gender confirmation surgery and has been documenting her journey on social media. Today is a big day, as she will be wearing a swimsuit for the first time post surgery and her journey feels complete.
Thank you to Rachel for her photography. To see more of her work, click here: