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The Man Who Makes Umbrellas for Kung Fu Stars

Leung So Kee Umbrella Factory in Hong Kong is not just any ordinary umbrella maker. The century-old business makes umbrellas for some of the movie industry’s biggest martial arts stars, including Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Its fourth-generation owner Leung Man-shing tells us about the history of the business, and stories you’ve never heard of about the stars.

00:00 Handmade umbrella for action stars
01:51 The history of Leung So Kee
02:31 How to make umbrellas by hand
03:44 Managing a century-old business

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Producer: Yoyo Chow
Videographer: Hanley Chu
Editor: Nicholas Ko
Mastering: Victor Peña

#JetLi #JackieChan #LeungSoKee #Umbrella #Handmade #Kungfu #Weapon

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