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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating


For many people, cheating is the worst-case scenario for your relationship. And while some couples can come back from an affair, it’s one of the few things that can completely destroy trust, even in a long-term relationship. But how can you tell if your partner is cheating? It’s a difficult balance to strike, because you don’t want to be overly suspicious and project your paranoia onto innocent behavior, but you also don’t want to be naive. You have to trust your gut to know when something feels off.But some changes are more telling than others. Here are the signs you can look out for:

Withdraw From You Emotionally
Some people get more in your face, but others grow more distant. If you get the feeling that they’re going through the motions with you, but not really connecting, then something could be wrong.

No More Future Plans
If it’s serious cheating, they might start to put off making future plans. If they don't want to book that vacation you’ve been talking about or big life decisions that you already discussed—such as having kids or changing cities—are now brushed off, it may be that they're reconsidering the relationship.

They’re Extra Attentive
Guilt can make people behave in a lot of strange ways. Now, you shouldn’t be suspicious every time your partner brings you flowers for no reason or is more touchy-feely—because sometimes people are just being nice. But if they’re nicer than usual out of nowhere and it just keeps happening along with other suspicious behavior, it can be a sign.

It’s Nowhere to Be Found
The other unusual phone behavior is that suddenly you never see it. They only seem to be on it when you’re not around and it’s always tucked away in their jacket or their bag. If it seems to have disappeared from view, that’s normally an odd sign.

They’re Glued to Their Phone
Many experts say that weird phone behavior is the number one indicator that someone’s cheating, which makes sense, doesn’t it? If they’re suddenly on their phone all the time and not really sharing what they're doing or who they’re talking to, that can be a sign. Pay extra attention if they keep their phone on them at all times, because they may be making sure you don’t see anything you shouldn’t.