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❄️Siberia.75°F/24°C. Best Buildings of Early 20th Century in Novosibirsk | VLOG 105_071021_3406

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2. About the Capital of Siberia. Today there are more than 130 cities in Siberia and Novosibirsk is the largest one.
- The average rent price is $266 per month for a one-bedroom apartment near the Subway in Novosibirsk.
- Housing prices in Novosibirsk City start from $20,000 for a one-bedroom apartment in a suburban area and $35,000 for a one-bedroom apartment near the Subway stations.
- Uber ~ $2 to $5 per trip.
- Carsharing ~ $0.10 per minute depending on an App.
- An electric city scooter for rent ~$0.05 per minute.
- The subway costs $0.34 per one-way ticket.

3. ❄️About Siberia:
- Siberia is roughly one-tenth of the world's landmass! ~10%.
- In May, the temperature ranges from 65 to 75 °F, 18 to 24°C, respectively. During the Summer, it's mid 70th °F, mid 20th °C and all the way up to 100°F or 38°C.
- Geographically Siberia has a population of 33.77 million, including the Far East.
- The region includes 3 out of the top 10 longest rivers in the world and has a total of over 600,000 lakes.
- There are 7 time zones.
- People in Siberia speak 40 languages and 10 of them are official.
- Novosibirsk is situated 1,285 km north of Urumqi China, it's in the same time zone as Bangkok, Jakarta, and it has a 1-hour time gap with Beijing, China.
- The cost of living here could be as low as $100 a month without rent for a single.

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