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Top Science Fiction Movie Of All Time According To Audience

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Top Science Fiction Movie Of All Time According To Audience


These films are the best in terms of Science Fiction films and future worlds. Here you will find a ranking of science fiction films, with space action blockbuster menu with ships, robots and aliens, superhero film, anticipation film, dystopian film, space-opera, greeted by the public, released in the cinema. This ranking includes good science fiction films for any period combined. You will necessarily find a top science fiction film to see among the best achievements.

Star Wars Episode V
STAR WARS CONTINUES... - After Episode IV, the adventure in the galaxy continues and this opus is considered the great favorite of fans of the saga. The Empire attacks to make rebellion pay for the destruction of the Black Star. Irvin Kershner makes the film and officially makes Star Wars a cult saga. This episode was shot in the same studios as Shining. ACTORS: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher.

IT TOOK 65 MILLION YEARS FOR THIS ADVENTURE TO BECOME POSSIBLE. - Steven Spielberg takes us to the heart of a safari like no other: Jurassic Park contains several species of cloned dinosaurs. Then follows a perilous adventure for a family, which becomes prey to rabid dinosaurs. Having become a cult, this disaster action film with great spectacle plunges us into perilous adventures.

Back to the Future
WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME? - Cult film of a whole generation, Back to the Future tells Marty's extraordinary journey.. into the past! Produced by Spielberg, this adventure film beyond time is fun with science fiction and its gadgets. The film was so successful that an amusement park is inspired by it in Los Angeles and an animated series continues the adventures of Marty and Brown.

Interstellar 2014
HUMANITY WAS BORN ON EARTH. SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE THERE. - Christopher Nolan gives us a new science fiction film he produced, written and directed in which a team of astronauts sets out to explore a new galaxy in order to find a new planet habitable for humanity. Nolan has been nominated five Oscars, for the sixth time to entrust the music of the film to Hans Zimmer, who had to compose without knowing what the film is talking about since he did not have permission to read the script.

WHAT IF REALITY DID NOT EXIST? - Matrix depicts a dystopia in which the fate of a man can change everything: Neo is the Cone and we accompany him in his struggle. Science-fiction with dementia special effects, the film offers a reflection on the reality of our sensations, its limits and its illusions. The fights are of remarkable mastery and the waterfalls dizzying for a restless journey beyond space time. ACTORS: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss

IT IS THEIR PLANET. THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING TO PRESERVE IT. - Second film at the world box office after As the wind is, Avatar is the other interplanetary hit by Titanic director. An epic in the heart of a wonderful but not safe new land, Avatar plunges us with Jake Sully on a magical and perilous adventure, full of breathtaking adventures. Tenderness, suspense and pure action mix in this fresco with impressive graphics.

Inception 2010
HIS MISSION: BURGLAR A SPIRIT. - Inception stands out as another enigma of Christopher Nolan. The director of Memento plunges us into the moving dizziness of the unconscious by telling how Dom Cobb performs his job as a dream thief and penetrates into the minds to introduce a precise idea. Thriller with psychological science fiction and impressive special effects, the film takes up some codes from spy movies.
ACTORS: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page

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