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We Met Doge Influencer Cheems!

Balltze was just an ordinary Shibu Inu living in Hong Kong. Then, in 2017, his world exploded when a picture of him went viral.

Followers started calling him Cheems, and turned him into a meme. He’s now a celebrity in his own right, with more than 400K followers on Instagram.

So what’s a life of fame like for the cute, fluffy dog and his owner? We catch up with them right here in the city and hear how they’re dealing with all the love from their fans across the world.

0:00 We finally meet Cheems!
00:22 Cheems’ sudden rise to fame
01:36 Cheems’ real life as Balltze
02:05 Keeping up with the fans

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Producer: Lyn Yang
Videographer: César del Giudice, Nicholas Ko
Editor: César del Giudice
Narration: Victor Peña, Tiffany Ip
Animation: Stella Yoo
Mastering: Victor Peña

#ShibaInu #Cheems #Doge #memes #dogelore #buffDogevscheems

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