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11 months ago

Marj Maroket's Bronzed Glam Makeup Look | Beauty Basics | PREVIEW

2021 is the year of bronzers and we are totally here for it! Enhancing your morena complexion and bringing the glow to another level—this trend is definitely a must try especially if you take a look at this TikTok influencer! Known for her makeup and fragrance recommendations. and everything that a morena should learn from a beauty girl, you can learn a lot from Marj Maroket's techniques when she does her brushed-up brows to her four-step lip makeup on TikTok. This beauty influencer shares us how she achieves her beach-ready makeup look in an intricate, detailed routine.

In this episode of Beauty Basics, Marj demonstrates her bronzed glowy makeup look. Using some of her favorite products, she also talks about how a prepped skin leads to better application of makeup. Lastly, she surprised us with her "brontour" technique and hoow it works to completely transform a typical glam look to its highest form.

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