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Rolls Royce Production #MegaFactories l Rolls-Royce CAR FACTORY2021: Production plant process | How it is manufactured? How LUXURY Rolls-Royce Cars Are Made ? (Mega Factories Video)

Cars Industry

Rolls Royce traditionally stands for precision and quality.

Assembly line, transmission being attached to engine, marriage of engine and body, attaching the mother of pearl strips, employees polishing the wooden surfaces, pre-cut leather sections being stitched together, outlines of the parts being projected onto the leather, leather surfaces being checked by employees, drilling the holes for the glas fibre optic cables, threading the fibre optic cables into the drilled holes, gluing the fibre optic cables into place, cutting the fibre optic cables, installing the dashboard, door assembly, quality control, close-up of radiator figure “Spirit of Ecstasy”, functional test of starlight headliner, interior equipment of the Rolls Royce is being checked, and employee conducting the final vehicle check.

2021 Rolls Royce assembly line process (manufacturing in CAR FACTORY) of Culinan, Phantom, Ghost, Wraith, Dawn is 1 hour video. Same method workers and robot automation is similar to all models of Rolls-Royce.

How is a Rolls Royce built?
Each Rolls Royce passes through 60 pairs of highly skilled hands before it reaches its owner. Nearly every aspect of the car can be customized, from the ceiling lining, to the leather, the panel inlays, and right down to the stitching.

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