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3 months ago

Gen McKenzie: “We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out”

Meghan McCain
Just like that, we are out of Afghanistan. The last plane has taken off and we are out. And just like we expected, we left people behind.

Here’s General McKenzie admitting as much:

So how many Americans did we leave behind? A state department official reportedly puts the number around 250 Americans:

Trapped. Stranded. Abandoned by our Coward-in-Chief, Joe Biden. He promised to get everyone out. He lied. Remember this.

Also this: The White House said last week that it was irresponsible to say that Americans were stranded.

This is a disaster. These Americans abandoned by Joe Biden will now face the possibility of become hostages:

Or worse.

There are also some 2,000 ISIS militants running around in the country because we abandoned Bagram Air Base and the Taliban let them out:

The threat to Americans there is real and Joe just left them behind because he was too scared to stand up to the Taliban. He let them walk all over him and now these Americans may die because of it.

What a horrible day in American history.

But the Taliban are overjoyed because Biden just gave them a big victory:

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