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Facts About Snake Island

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Facts About Snake Island


Snake Island is untouched. Not the kind of untouched that means it’s a nice location to unwind or sip a few piña coladas in solitude. When applied to Snake Island, the adjective should serve as a warning. The place is uninhabitable. It’s been this way for decades. Unless the thousands of snakes that dangle from the trees and gobble down anything that sets foot on their lands count as residents.let’s take a look at the happenings that’ve convinced everyone in possession of any common sense to keep their distance.

Tried Burning It
World Atlas describes previous attempts that residents made to set fire to the island and rid it of its pesky serpents. This would’ve also served to ready the land for agriculture. In the end, residents were forced to throw in the towel and declare the snakes victorious.

Business of Modern Pirates
A Vice journalist interviewed what’s known as a biopirate, someone who smuggles rare animals out of their natural habitats to sell them on the black market. Golden lanceheads net these pirates up to $30,000 each. For many criminals, the price is worth risking their lives on Snake Island.

Humans Are Forbidden
Unlucky soldiers sent in to do maintenance on the automated lighthouse are the exception. Brave researchers must acquire express permission from the government to take the risk. In both cases, a doctor is required to join them, according to Travel Awaits. Everyone else is prohibited for their own safety.

Bite Melts Human Flesh
The snakes developed a deadly poison to kill migratory birds in an instant as there are no mammals native to the island. Humans don’t fare much better. Once bitten, they have less than an hour left to live, explains Smithsonian Mag. Treatment improves the chances of survival, but it doesn’t ensure it.

Lethal Snake
India Today explains that thousands of years of isolation caused the already dangerous jacara pit viper to evolve into something far more terrifying. It’s known as the golden lancehead. Since they’re only found in one place, they are protected. Though they do have their own ferocious method of self-defense.

A Snake Every Three Feet
That’s three feet until the snakes start to make their way towards the precious little toes of visitors. Images of Snake Island may make avoiding the creatures look like a feasible endeavor. Remember that just because you don’t see a snake doesn’t mean it can’t see you.

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