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Hollywood’s 10 Most Notorious Male Gold Diggers!

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Hollywood’s 10 Most Notorious Male Gold Diggers!


Gold digger is a term that is mostly applied to women; however, sometimes the savviest of the gold diggers are actually men. They typically go after wealthy, unassuming women and, if you look closely, they are everywhere. Hollywood is no exception. Most women are wealthy and many of them are incredibly insecure, which makes them prime targets. Since it isn’t fair to focus only on the women, here are 6 of Hollywood’s best known male gold diggers.

Justin Theroux
Before Justin Theroux hooked up with his much wealthier fiancé Jennifer Aniston, he had been in a 14-year relationship with a relatively unknown stylist named Heidi Biven. Since he and the “Friends” star became a thing, Theroux has gone from no list to the A list. Rumor has it that Aniston’s screenwriter fiancé knows exactly how much money she has and he is looking to become involved in her finances so that he can help her make more money. Let’s hope these two get a prenup!

Guy Ritchie
Guy Ritchie was a successful director before he married Madonna; however, by marrying and divorcing the pop queen, he made himself a very, very wealthy man. For eight years of marriage, he reportedly received a divorce settlement between $76 to $92 million. According to the “Sherlock Holmes” director, he believes that his marriage to Madonna was “ultimately very positive.” For that amount of money, we bet it was!

Kris Humphries
Even though Kris Humphries was only married to Kim Kardashian for 72 days, once she had filed for divorce, he was out for blood. Instead of opting for a quiet, drama-free divorce, the NBA player was more interested in money and extending his 15 minutes of fame. Humphries was allegedly most concerned with what became of the couple’s lavish wedding gifts. One of their guests had given them a $325,000 Ferrari and Humphries was upset because Kim had kept it!

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon – Mariah Carey’s less famous half – has been doing pretty well since he shacked up with the world famous singer. Even though he is said to have had a successful career in film and music before he met Carey, he really didn’t become famous until he married her. Now that he has her shackled down with two children, he does whatever he wants. According to the Grammy-winning singer, he wasn’t even around for Valentine’s Day and he doesn’t make a lot of time for her anymore. It sounds to us like he is ready to cash in!

Kevin Federline
Meeting Britney Spears was one of the best things to have ever happened to Kevin Federline. He was a lowly back-up dancer when they first met, engaged and expecting his second child with Shar Jackson. When he realized he had a shot with the pop star, he quickly ditched his pregnant fiancé to live the dream. When Federline and Spears went their separate ways after two years of marriage, he received $13 million and custody of their two boys four out of seven days of the week.

Casper Smart
Jennifer Lopez pulled a Britney Spears when she ditched her husband of seven years, Marc Anthony, for one of her back up dancers, Casper Smart. Her latest beau has become one of the luckiest guys in the business. Now that he has hooked up with the multi-millionaire singer-actress, he reportedly gets a $10,000 a week allowance and he also got a job promotion – in 2012, he went from being a back up dancer to JLo’s choreographer. Smart is still by Lopez’s side despite the 17-year age gap. Something tells us that once she hits menopause, he might really want his payout.

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