2 years ago

'Innovative Cheerleading Stunt Collapses Like a House of Cards '

'When trying something new, there's always a chance of failure and this group of friends found this out the hard way.

Filmed in Florianopolis, Brazil, this video features Luiza Avila's friends tossing her into the air as part of a new cheerleading trick they came up with. However, it doesn't turn out as well as it did in their heads.

The filmer, Beli Marcatti wrote: "This group of friends was practicing cheerleading and something went wrong when they tried a new skill."

What's even funnier than the fail is the two guys in the front running into an unintentional kiss while trying to save Luiza from crashing on the mat.

This footage has amassed over 15K views on Instagram so far.

Name: Beli Marcatti
Location: Florianópolis, Brazil'
WooGlobe Ref : WGA063189
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