WOW: Rice Water Face pack for Instant Skin Brightening | Home Remedies | Vasundhara Tips | Hair Care

  • 3 years ago
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How to use Rice Water for Skin & Hair care?

Rice water has many benefits for your Skin. It is an excellent source of nutrients, nearing to 16% of its composition is protein; they act as building blocks to skin cells & enhance skin health in numerous ways. Rice water can also be used in hair care. It helps in hair thickening & makes the hair soft.

Here in this video beauty therapist Vasundhara gives us a wonderful remedy for instant skin brightening by using rice water. she also gives a hair serum made out of rice water that softens and thickens the hair. Try this and leave your comments below!

Reporter: Suriya Gomathi | Camera: Ramesh Kannan | Edit: Shreeraj | Producer: Priyanka

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