'SATISFYING Chiropractic Adjustment | ASMR Loud Cracks *5 Million+ Views* '

  • 3 years ago
'Bone-crushing footage emanating from Chicago shows a lady undergoing chiropractic adjustment.

This video features Mohamed Shalabi (Dr. Chicago Cracks) at work as he attempts to straighten the spine of her patient by making use of techniques that produce loud sounds identical to the ones made by cracking joints.

The most bizarre aspect about this particular style of chiropractic treatment is that not only does the patient experience relief but the ones watching this process unfold witness relaxation too just by hearing the satisfying cracking sounds.

This clip was filmed on July 20, 2021, and has gone viral on TikTok by amassing over 5 Million views.

Name: Mohamed Shalabi
Location: Chicago, USA'