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10 months ago

Leo Messi is officially a PSG player! - THIS IS WHEN MESSI WILL MAKE HIS PSG DEBUT!

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Leo Messi is officially a PSG player! One of the most historical days in football! Nothing can stop this union now. The story that has kept everyone on their toes for the past week is coming to an end. In the meantime, we just have to wait for its final touches before we can just enjoy football again.

Messi’s contract signing with PSG

So here are the details of the contract. The deal is signed for 2 years with an option for another year. Leo will receive between €30-35M per year in wages plus collective and individual bonuses.

Messi will wear the number 30 shirt. It was said earlier that Leo refused to take Neymar's number ten, although the Brazilian offered to give it up. Do you like this gesture from Leo? If you were him, which number would you take? Let us know in the comments.

And this is how this story developed. Fabrizio Romano announced that a complete agreement between the club and the player was reached on Tuesday morning and the transfer is imminent. Leo must arrive in Paris to sign the contract immediately. Actually, hours after that, Leo and his wife Antonella got on their flight to Paris.

But PSG fans didn’t want to wait and came to the airport even earlier. Videos of the Parisian club fans crowding at the airport and chanting Messi’s name, expecting him to come out of the gate, went viral on the internet.

All that was left to be done in the last days was to wait for the lawyers and his father to resolve all issues regarding his salary and the use of the player’s image rights. Guillem Balague shared this information with reference to Mundo Deportivo. Guillem also shared the information that Leo will be presented as a PSG player on Wednesday morning at 11am local time.

When will Messi make his debut for PSG

The next most intriguing thing is when Messi will make his PSG debut. Well, it's easy enough to predict. We think so...

If we look at the schedule, we can see that the next match of the Parisians is on Saturday, the 14th of August, that is, a few days after Leo's presentation. This will be a Ligue 1 home fixture against Strasbourg. Theoretically, Messi could already play in this match, but it’s clear that this is unlikely to happen.

First of all, Leo had no preseason training whatsoever. After his return from vacation, he didn’t have a single training session with Barcelona, which means that he is out of shape. It goes without saying that even playing at 30% of his capabilities in a Ligue 1 match, Messi is able to do the job. However, it’s not so much about the Argentine’s abilities, as about the risk of getting injured. After all, it is much easier to get injured when playing out of shape.

Most likely, Mauricio Pochettino and his staff will try to bring Messi to optimal conditions for the start of the Champions League in September. It’s no secret that the victory in this tournament is the main goal of the Parisian giants and all of their energy will be focused there,

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