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4 months ago

10 Lions hunted a Cape Buffalo Calf Kruger National Park

Ten Lions hunted a Cape Buffalo Calf Kruger National Park

10 Lions kill a Cape Buffalo Calf on the S56 road close to Shingwedzi camp in the Kruger National Park video by B1 Photo Safaris

What can I say sometimes you get lucky but this video was a bit unexpected, taken on the 10th of November 2019. As we arrived on the sighing, for the second time during the day the Lions moved across the dry river and was lying right next to the road on our side. As we were taking photos of the lazy lions one female suddenly one buffalo slipped away unseen and charged the herd. In the confusion, we struggled to capture the actual kill as it was lions, buffalo, and dust, chaos erupted. But I managed to get it on video at least it was amazing to see how the tactic actually worked and it was like everything happened in slow motion. I could not believe my eyes. After the hunt, the lions made turns to feed and was just amazing to see how without a sound they work together as a unit. Two lionesses kept the herd at bay on the top of the ridge so that they could not come down and try to rescue the calf. This was truly and half a day with the lions and a real lifetime safari moment playoff right in front of us. The lions are in their natural environment doing what they do best, survive.

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▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 - Intro
00:39 - 05:22am Lions spotted
02:16 - Hippo mother and calf chases lions
03:36 - Lions pride lying around the waterhole
09:37 - Lioness doing the fleming response
11:30 - Buffalo comes for a drink
12:20 - Large buffalo herd and lions together
12:56 - Lions attack buffalo calf
14:25 - Pride feeding on a buffalo calf
19:45 - Elephant bull arrives at the waterhole
21:18 - Fish eagle calling
22:30 - Lions very close to our safari vehicle
26:49 - Lion pride goes to drink

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