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6 months ago

Norwegian Cruise Line Sues Florida Over Ban on Vaccine Requirements

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Wibbitz Top Stories
Norwegian Cruise Line Sues Florida Over, Ban on Vaccine Requirements.
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) filed
a lawsuit against Florida’s surgeon general on
July 13 in Miami federal court.
The cruise line is challenging a state ban that
prevents companies from requiring passengers to
provide proof of COVID-19 vaccinations. .
With the ban in place, NCLH would have to pay $5,000
each time it mandates a passenger provide such proof. .
The upshot places NCLH in an impossible
dilemma as it prepares to set sail from
Florida: NCLH will find itself either on
the wrong side of health and safety and
the operative federal legal framework, or
else on the wrong side of Florida law, NCLH, via CNN.
NCLH wants the ban lifted by August 6, as its intention
was to restart operations in Florida ports on August 15. .
If it’s not lifted, NCLH says it won’t be able
to sail from Florida, which would cause
“devastating, unrecoverable loss for everyone.”.
Not only for NCLH’s business but also for
tens of thousands of passengers, employees,
and stakeholders who all benefit from
NCLH resuming safe operations as planned, NCLH, via Huffpost.
The executive order in question was signed into law in
April by Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis.
In Florida, your personal choice regarding
vaccinations will be protected and no
business or government entity will be able to
deny you services based on your decision, Ron DeSantis, via CNN