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2 months ago

I Have The "Star Locket" Tuxedo Mask Gave Sailor Moon! | Cosmo Fangirl Diaries | Fridays

Cosmopolitan Philippines
Cosmopolitan Philippines
You can call Charlene, 36, an OG fan of Japanese pop culture. She first started with Sailor Moon when it showed on TV in the early ‘90s. Back then though, Japanese animated shows were almost always “headlined by a guy.” “It was kind of normal for me. I didn't see anything wrong with that,” Charlene tells Cosmopolitan. But then came in Sailor Moon on ABC 5 and everything changed for her. “[She was] this klutzy 16-year-old student who all of a sudden is tasked to save the world, and she actually does it!” she gushes. “It totally blew my mind when I was young, parang ako lang siya. So kung kaya niya, kaya ko rin.”

0:00 Intro
0:58 Japanese fandoms (Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy XV)
1:29 Start of Japanese pop culture fangirl journey
2:41 Sailor Moon + Gundam Wing Merch Collections
3:48 Favorite fangirl experiences (gamecon philippines)
4:30 Fangirl experience: then versus now
5:40 Why I am still a Japanese pop culture fan

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