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2 months ago

Over 100 Authentic Accessories by Mopar® for the new Jeep® Wrangler 4xe

For the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe, the Mopar team has created a collection of unique and exclusive accessories, for the widest-ranging and most complete customization according to customers’ differing lifestyles, from total off-road to a more urban character. All high-quality products, they come about as a result of the Mopar professionals’ daily commitment in terms of innovation, attention to detail and respect for the environment.
As for the “Off-road” customizations, the clear standouts are the black Tube Steps paired with door sill guards with the Wrangler logo and the front grille. Likewise, for more intrepid experiences, the highlights are the rear door table with an iconic Jeep design and the basket with mesh to secure cargo in the boot. The customizations continue with the various stickers available such as the “Moab” graphic on the side or the famous “1941” on the bonnet, of course referring to the symbolic date for the Jeep brand, the creation of the Willys. Plus, to accentuate the off-road disposition, both the special carry-all roof bars, for boxes, kayaks, canoes and much more, and the towing hook, to mount the specific bike carrier designed for heavier electric models. On the other hand, if a Jeep Wrangler 4xe customer is looking for “Urban” features, the catalog includes black or chrome-plated valve caps with the Jeep logo, more than ten 32” wheel covers and chrome-plated details such as tubular side steps and door sill guards. Never mind the specific 17” wheel rims that confer on the new Wrangler 4xe even more elegance and sportiness.