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Animated Bible Stories: Elisha And The Syrian Army-Old Testament

Elisha And The Syrian Army
2 Kings 6:8-23

When God's prophet Elisha is surrounded by the Syrian army after giving valuable advice to Israel's army, King Ben Hadad of Syria decided to take Elisha as a prisoner and sent an army to the city where the prophet was staying. Under the cover of darkness, the Syrian warriors surrounded the city.

When Elisha’s servant woke early in the morning to begin his usual routine, he found himself looking out over an army of the Syrians.

The Syrians began to advance on the city, unaware that they were now vastly outnumbered. Elisha spoke to God again, asking, “Strike these people, I pray, with blindness.” Chaos broke out in the Syrian ranks as the entire army suddenly went blind.

Elisha leads the Syrian Army is led into Samaria to the King, who wanted to kill them. Elisha was against it and talked him into giving them food and rest, afterward, they were sent back to King Ben-Hadad, so that he would come to know about the power and wisdom and mercy of God.

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